Why Does Decluttering Feel So Good?

If you’re reading these words, you probably have an interest in minimalism. Good timing.

Paperclips are so 2012, anyway

“When’s the last time I used a paperclip, anyway? 2012?”

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

Less stuff means life’s less rough

“Wow, I wish I spent more time scrolling mindlessly through my feeds. I feel so much better anyway, when I’m on social media.”

Minimalism (literally) starts the day you’re born

Why in the heck does it feel so damn good to get rid of all my junk?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

“…depart alone to secluded place near a brook, or a stream of water … and prepare a shelter for themselves with mats and coverings, where provided with provisions necessary for them, they await their delivery without the company or aid of any person. They rarely are sick from childbirth [and] suffer no consequences from the same.”

Good intentions, meh results

Photo by allison christine on Unsplash

“Does this item spark joy?”

“Does letting go of this item spark room in my heart for something brighter?”

“Does letting go of this item align with who I am, and with who I’m not?”

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