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Bringing Theories on Lottery Corruption to Light

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What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

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The U.S. president had to establish a relationship of mutual understanding with lottery equipment companies. And it is from that moment on, we learn of the ability of the president to have full access to the state lottery programs and to manipulate them upon his request.

In 2017, the former information security director for the multi-state lottery association, which oversees the Power Ball games, confessed to manipulating the software he designed, allowing him to provide winning numbers to his brother and friends.

The Media May Be Exposing the Public to Dark Hidden Messages

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Our decisions and behavior can be influenced without our knowledge or control through subliminal messages. Conspirators appear to be targeting specific individuals who are more susceptible to committing acts of violence.

This is a very sophisticated operation where conspirators know they can manipulate a person’s behavior.

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